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Main Building will act as Headquarters.
The administrative, organizational, home base of things.

Mobile Campers will be converted to travel with professional tattooists, piercers, and artists.  Full capability to provide high quality custom work.

That said, though we are in the beginning stages of building, 
I envision a strong team of professionals who can work together at the highest level of integrity, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in eventually becoming a part of my team, I would love to know more about you.  Your visions, aspirations, dreams, ability, artistic style(s), experience(s), etc.
I believe having several types of artists who can work together, has the potential to reach a broader network of people.

All workers will require background checks and pass for being able to work with or around children.

I believe in taking care of those in my circle, and their families.  Work hard, give your best, and receive the best.
With working on our team, full benefits will be available.


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