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For starters, MJ LifeAblaze is my alias.  The name "the Atelier" was birthed a handful of years ago.   It is French, sounded out as /At el E Ay/... meaning, the "working space" or "art studio".  Something that I migrate towards, is originality/ uniqueness.  I wanted a name that not many use, or have.  


A little about me as an artist:  I have been an artist my whole life.  I work with any medium...  As a tattooist, I have been tattooing for almost a decade. Been a piercer since I was eighteen.  


I LOVE the art of tattoo....  Essentially, it IS an open wound, for all intents and purposes.  Therefore, creating it... will be done in a medical-like fashion...  Under the highest sanitized standards possible.  While the environment will be comforting and artistic, the procedure itself will be treated as if you are getting surgery.  All steps will be taken to avoid infection or injury. 

From the Artist

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Behind the Scenes of the Shop

I am a full time mother.  Children and art, are my passion. 

At 18, I joined the United States Air Force.  By 19, I was at my first duty station, good ol' Nellis AFB, Nevada!  I got my first piercing, off base, on Las Vegas Strip.  Only to come back to the dorms, and pierce anyone who wanted one.  Became fun, seeing how many you can get, and still be within regulation. 


I stayed away from tattoos, personally.  Watched many people get one, "just because".  Only to dread their decision by morning!  Though, I absolutely LOVED tattoo shops in Vegas! 


Touring tattoo shops, became second nature with touring different states.  Oh, so much fun!  Enjoyed observing different tattoo art styles, and cultures..  BEFORE Google, Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook, etc.  Where, flash was mounted on walls, and you can spend a day flipping through pages to find something worthy enough to put on your skin FOREVER.   


Now, it is kind of just a click away.  You can scroll through almost anything on the internet.  Originality, kinda just gets lost. 


While I can do the coloring book art... print and paste... not really in those terms, I prefer original.  


Almost all tattoos on my body, have been done by me.   I figured what can be more unique than tatting myself?!  Don't encourage it for newbies.  However, most tattooists, have at least one, or more, of their own work on their skin. 


To be continued...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ~Michele

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