What is

"The System"


Just as there is a chain of command in almost any organization.  In which "rules and regulations", typically referred to as "Policies and Procedures," have to be followed.  Then, there are "checks and balances... cross the "T's" and dot the "I's."  People watching over people, to make sure people are doing what they are supposed to be doing, so that said policies and procedures are followed... and, everyone covers their own butt in case the rules get broken somewhere.   Whoever is supposed to have last eyes on, the highest in charge, or pay, typically gets spanked the hardest in severe oversight or fallout of something major.

Such is the case in the Child Welfare System.

While I make light on the introduction, anything with children should be looked at with scrutiny and strict guidelines set forward.  Especially, in the Child Welfare System.

However, the definition for "system" is, "A set of things working TOGETHER..."  In other words, in a healthy system, people come together "to achieve a common goal."  Also known as team players.

In the Child Welfare System, there are key people, that are trained in different areas which form a structure.

Think of a bicycle wheel.  You have the center and then all the spokes to form balance.  If one is missing, it puts the wheel off balance.  If more is missing or damaged, how much more is the balance going to be off?

The human body, though more complex, is a system created with more multiple systems to function and survive.  This is a great metaphor for the Child Welfare System.

Every organ serves a purpose, but how well is a person going to function if the brain is truly sick?  Someone's heart stops beating?  A limb is lost suddenly?  There is only one eye?  A big toe is missing?

Basically, in a perfect world, "the System" was created for "the health and welfare" of children.

However, nothing is perfect, because there are no perfect people!

Where things go haywire, is: corruption, abuse of power, or people only looking out for themselves, amongst many other things.  We forget the overall objective.  Which is "working TOGETHER FOR THE HEALTH AND WELFARE OF CHILDREN!"

Being a ward of the State myself, growing up in the system, I learned early on, the importance of a team WORKING TOGETHER to accomplish common goals. Even if you have one person of the team pulling elsewhere, or on their own accord; it messes up meeting any goal successfully.  DIVISION IS INSTANTANEOUS FAILURE!