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Growing up, I was taught that art is a hobby, NOT a career.  It has ALWAYS been my escape and way to express emotion.  Sometimes life becomes MORE than what "seems" tolerable, or "normal"...  ADD TRAUMA, it is almost unbearable!  When there are NO words... ART, HAS ALWAYS BEEN!

I began tattooing in 2015, a good friend noticed the artistic ability.  As a partial joke, yet with full confidence... put the machine in my hand.  I've been addicted since... Hence, the Tattoo Shop!


However, my HEART and PASSION, is LOVING people, believing in them, even when they can't believe in themselves.  HELPING.... Guiding.... Encouraging.... Giving.... Looking for the GOOD, REGARDLESS of obvious bad in this world!  Children, victimized or not.... Struggling, hurting adults, that need just a little push in the right direction, and tools to build themselves up.... I LOVE, love, love meeting these kinds of needs. 

I enjoy challenging peoples's motivation or drive to enter certain careers, or, volunteer work, under the outward guise of helping.  I help people look within, to self reflect if their motives are pure.  ESPECIALLY IF, they are working with already damaged children.  I do NOT EXPECT outwardly responses to questions.... Rather, leave them chewing on the internal. 

The more of a misfit, underdog, or talked badly about person... This is whom, I have a tendancy to migrate towards to befriend.

At age 16, I gave my heart to the Lord, and my life WAS TRANSFORMED!  My journey has been, just that: not straight and narrow.  Rather, long.... curvey... with turbulence!  YET, I have come to terms, "ALL THINGS work together for GOOD..."  Paraphrasing ALL, meaning: All the Good, Bad, Ugly and In-Between.

At the end of the day, I believe and know I was called to scream off the rooftops of how Great and Awesome is our God!  Whether we see Him, hear Him, or there is a quiet season.... I KNOW that I KNOW, God is here.... ALL THE TIME!

So, yes... I will keep working towards building the tattoo shop... because it is a talent God will use to provide for what He ultimately called me to.  MY CALLING:


"Open your mouth for the people who cannot speak,
For the rights of all the unfortunate.
Open your mouth, judge righteously,
And defend the rights of the poor and needy."
(Proverbs 31:8-9 NASB)


"You must not be hesitant to fight in the just cause."  

- Xena, 'Xena: Warrior Princess'. 

Art, expression, serving the Lord, my military past career, and volunteer time with church plants, outreaches, childrens ministries, kids clubs, foster care, adoption, and even my own childhood and adulthood traumatic events; caring for my mentally ill mother (signing her out of the mental hospital that she was committed for life into, and them entrusting her into my care at age 18, until she died, January 2011); growing up on the streets and in the system prior to that point; Raising all six of my children, including my medically fragile boy  with significant medical impairments, from birth, nursing him with my daughter, until his death at 17-and-half-years-old...


Combining ALL my education and life experiences.  SIMUTANEOUSLY, Battling INTENSE symptomatic demons of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); on the daily, moment by moment.  Squish it ALL TOGETHER:

I AM DETERMINED to finish my race out well!  Not beaten, not conqured, not down and out, not depressed, not emotionally paralyzed, or in bondage...

BUT, RATHER, from now until the day GOD CHOOSES to take me home, to climb the mountains of gold and sightsee with my boy, as he shows me all the "in" places to hang out... and we sit on all the sparkling jewel stumps, fishing in the glass pond, as mom laughs and plays barefoot, splashing the crystal water at us; Mr. Reno and Mrs. Ruth hand-in-hand,  smiling in a near distance... like little children themselves.


I WILL COMMIT the REST of my life, SPEAKING UP and OUT, LOUDLY, BOLDLY, FEARLESSLY... Becoming a VOICE for those who "feel" like they do NOT have one... OR, CAN'T ON THEIR OWN.  Especially, AGAINST CORRUPTION IN THE SYSTEM, MISUSE OF AUTHORITY, POWER, PEOPLE'S FUNDINGS, ETC.  Additionally, bringing glory to God and fulfilling the Great Commission.

I have been accused of having a "VICTIM MENTALITY".  No Sir, or Ma'am.... NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH!  I have NEVER had a victim mentality, if that were a true statement, I would NOT be alive and on this earth still.  While bad crap HAS happened to me, I NEVER wallowed in self pity, woe is me, bullcrap.  If anything, I have been told that I am a SURVIVOR... My whole life, anyone that has walked me through the system... I was "labelled" as, "A SURVIVOR or RESILLIENT"... but NEVER "VICTIM"!  Granted, I HAVE been victimized.... Yet, that does NOT define who I am, my character, or who I ought to be!  Ignorant, small minded, dumb, people that bully, prey, and try to drag others down, because their own insecurities... are the one's who actually have the "victim mentality". 

Satan should have taken me while he had the chance!  Nothing but GOOD things are coming from this point forward, in life!

I will continue to build the tattoo shop.  However, it is a microscopic piece of the ginormica vision God implanted into my heart.  Wherever God has me, He will use me to serve the community I am in... Sometimes, it is for a season, just to build and help establish things that will benefit a place, people and community; for others to take over.  Or, He might keep us here indefinitely.  I never know.


(2015 - Present)

Self Employed, The Atelier - MJ LifeAblaze, New York and Pennsylvania

Professional Artist, Tattooist, Piercer and Owner

United States Navy, Dover, NJ 

NSWC Indian Head Explosive Ordinance Division, Picatinny Detachment
Assistant – Federal Job

United States Air Force Reserve, McGuire AFB, NJ

514th Maintenance Group and 514th Maintenance Operations Flight

Knowledge Management and Cyber Surety Journeyman, 3D073– Federal Job

Air Reserve Technician (ART) Office Manager – Federal Job 

United States Air National Guard, Reno, NV

152nd Maintenance Squadron

Knowledge Management and Cyber Surety Journeyman, 3D073 – Federal Job

Department of Veteran's Affairs, Reno, NV 

Medical Support Assistant – Federal Job  

Anointed Word Church / Family Worship Christian Center, Las Vegas, NV 

Children, Youth, and Women's Ministry

Self Employed, Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, NV

Licensed In-Home Day Care Provider

McDonald's, Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV 


United States Air Force, Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, NV 

422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron and the 57th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Nellis Air Force Base Honor Guard

78th Civil Engineer Group, Environmental

15th Reconnaissance Squadron

Information Management Craftsman and Work Group Manager III, 3A071 – Federal Job

Dr. Levinger Ophthalmologist, Teaneck, NJ 

Ophthalmologist Assistant / Administration / Customer Service

International House of Pancakes (IHOP), Teaneck, NJ 

Waitress / Hostess


Combine All Experience Through Career And Community Service To:
* Create A Fun/Safe Facility (Which Does Not Revolve Around Drugs, Sex, Or Alcohol).  Allowing Young Adults And Youth To Express Themselves Freely Through ALL The Arts.

* Continue Volunteering Time Towards Medical Field, Children, Trauma And Addiction Recovery.  
* Build A Respite Community And Therapeutic Environment For Medically Fragile Children, And Their Whole Family.  Basically, Providing Care For The Child... But, Main Focus Will Be Pampering The Parent(s), Caregiver(s), And Sibling(s).

2017-2020: Licensed Therapeutic Foster Care Provider through Kid's Peace, PA.


2019: Volunteer at Shohola Fire Department, Shohola, PA. Gathered information for medical side of things. 

2011-2012: Victims Advocate Volunteer for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response team at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ.


2005-Present: Adopted two medically fragile children with severe multiple impairments. Personally handled their extensive case management for seventeen years, since birth. Objectified the idea of successfully raising amazing children, with unique abilities, in the home setting. Therefore, aggressively recruited intensive intervention and support through state, government, and private entities. Battling insurance posed as a different kind of monster to conquer. Yet, consistency, patience, whit, creative thinking, and a large dose of bulldog tenacity, attained victory. Our home became medically equipped with everything a professional institution would have. Directly trained numerous home health care professionals in the voluminous demands of daily living, with safety awareness being foundational. Concluded with a phenomenal team in place: around the clock nursing and Home Health Aides (HHA’s); Therapeutic Staff Supports (TSS’s); Behavior Specialist Consultants (BSC’s); and Mobile Therapists (MT’s).


2004-2009: Licensed Foster Care Provider through Children Youth Services, Las Vegas, NV.  Developed hands-on experience with the following disabilities: Neurological Disability; Asthma (needing breathing treatments and medication); Asperger Syndrome, Severe Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Pervasive Development Disability (ASD/PDD); Severe Intellectual Disability; Behavior Disorders (ADD, ADHD, ODD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Bipolar, and Schizophrenia. Usually requiring knowledge in proper restraint and safety precautions for all individuals involved); Epilepsy; Gastrointestinal Issues (constipation and feeding tubes/machines); Cerebral Palsy and Physical Deformities (requiring use of medical equipment: orthotics, wheelchairs, braces, ramps, medical beds, oxygen, lifts, etc.); Visual Impairments; Hearing Impairments; Verbal Impairments (requiring communication devices, sign language, and pictures); combination of disabilities; and the like.


2003-2007: Anointed Word Church merged into Family Worship Christian Center, Las Vegas, NV

* Helped with church plant * Oversaw Children's Ministry * Youth Leader * Homeless Ministry

* Women's Ministry (and Victimized Women's Ministry) * Christian Workers License & Ordained


2001-2003: New Community Church, Las Vegas, NV

* Led Women's Small Group Studies * Apartment Ministry Moved into a lower income neighborhood/apartment complex to meet the needs of community. Established a Kids Club in the Apartment Club House for first through sixth graders. Organized events, games, activities, and instruction to encourage positive character attributes. The material paralleled what was taught in the school system. Provided snacks and dinner, two to three times a week. Opened up personal apartment, once a week, to the older teens. Created strict disciplines, boundaries, and house rules. Surprisingly, 90% of the teens respected the parameters created. The other 10% lost their privilege of attending these events. Reached the older generation through: music, games, activities, field trips, fun, discussions on real life topics, and offered opportunities for open communication. The end goal was to meet practical, financial, and emotional needs through the church.  

1999-2001: Calvary Chapel, Las Vegas, NV

* Tape Ministry. * College Group. * Homeless Outreaches. 

1998-2002: Nellis AFB NV, Base Chapel

* Youth Group and College age Leader/Teacher.  * Oversaw Children's Ministry.

1997-1999: Shadow Hills Baptist Church, Las Vegas, NV

* College Group.  * Helped grow church, stayed through plant to bigger building.


1997-2011: Primary Care Provider for mentally ill mother, with Traumatic Brain Injury. 


1997-Present: Mentor to young adults and adults battling drug addiction.  Helped recovery process through faith-based rehabilitation.


1997-2001: Big Sister through Child Protective Services, Las Vegas, NV, to troubled youth. 


Finish Obtaining Bachelor's Degree 
Rehabilitation And Human Services, Penn State University.

Acquire J.S.D From Columbia University, New York.

Penn State University, Wilkes Barre Campus – Lehman Township, PA 

United States

      Working Towards

      Major: Rehabilitation and Human Services, B.S.

Air University - Community College of the Air Force Maxwell AFB, AL  

United States

      Some College Coursework Completed

      Credits Earned: 71 Semester hours
      Major: Information Management

Truckee Meadows Community College Reno, NV  

United States

      Some College Coursework Completed

      Major: Fine Arts Minor: Criminal Justice


University of Phoenix - Online Campus Reno, NV  

United States

      Some College Coursework Completed
      Major: Psychology Minor: Medical Administration


Community College Southern Nevada Las Vegas, NV

United States

      Some College Coursework Completed

      Major: Administration Minor: Psychology

































The City of New York, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Tattoo Artist License, Two-Year.

North American Learning Institute, Certificate of Completion: 3 Hour Bloodborne Pathogens Training Class.

North American Learning Institute, Certificate of Completion: 3 Hour Bloodborne Pathogens Training Class.

University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, PA

Child Welfare Resource Center, Certificate of Completion: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse: Mandated and Permissive Reporting in Pennsylvania.

University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, PA

Child Welfare Resource Center, Certificate of Completion: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse: Mandated and Permissive Reporting in Pennsylvania.

The City of New York, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Tattoo Artist License, Two-Year.

North American Learning Institute, Certificate of Completion: 3 Hour Bloodborne Pathogens Training Class.

KidsPeace, Scranton Honesdale Office, PA

HIV and Teen Sexuality Training.

KidsPeace, Scranton Honesdale Office, PA

Suicide Prevention for Foster Parents Training.

KidsPeace, Scranton Honesdale Office, PA

Loss and Grief: How to Help a Grieving Child or Teen, A Course for Foster Parents, Training.

KidsPeace, Scranton Honesdale Office, PA

Child and Adolescent Development Training.

KidsPeace, Scranton Honesdale Office, PA

Fostering Resilency: A Course for Foster Parents, Parts I and II, Training.

North American Learning Institute, Certificate of Completion: 3 Hour Bloodborne Pathogens Training Class.

Certificates of Training for 2016 Microsoft Office: Share Point, Excel, Power Point, Advanced Excel, Advanced Power Point, Advanced Access, and Advanced Word.

Department of the Navy (DON) Records Management: Advanced Topics.

Department of the Navy, Records Management in the DON: Everyone's Responsibility.

Department of the Navy, TRIM Context via NMCI (Advanced).

Department of the Navy, TRIM Context via NMCI (Entry).

Air Force Reserve Airman Leadership School.

Air Force Reserve Knowledge Management-3D0X1, 7-Level.

Air Force Reserve AO/RO DTS Approval Process.

Air Force Reserve AO/RO Training Accountable Officials and Certifying Officers.

Early Childhood Education, NV, Certificate of Completion: “It Takes Two to Talk, The Hanen Program for Parents” (20 hours).

University of Nevada Las Vegas, Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Reno NV

Certificate of Completion: “Understanding Challenging Behaviors & Designing Effective Interventions (10 hours).

Las Vegas, NV, Christian Worker's License.

Certificates of Training for 2007 Microsoft Office: Share Point, Excel, Power Point, Advanced Excel, Advanced Power Point, Advanced Access, and Advanced Word.

Certificates of Training in "Basic Records Operations" and "Advanced Records Operations" conducted by Modern Records Programs at the National Archives and Records Administration in Maryland.

Business Writing and Grammar Skills - Certificate of Education set forth by the National Task Force on Continuing Education (Rockhurst College Continuing Education Center - 12 contact hours).

Work Group Management Course, Phase I, II, & III (total 136 hours).

United States Air Force, Information Management Apprentice Course-PDS CODE 7ES (176 hours).

United States Air Force, Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act and Records Maintenance and Disposition Training.


GPC Card Holder



Share Point

Microsoft Office (Outlook,

Access, Excel, Front Page,

Visio, Power Point, Publisher

and Word)

Adobe Photoshop

Database Software - Advanced

Spreadsheet Software

Filing / Editing

Typing Speed (61-75 wpm)

Windows Operating Systems

Office Procedures

Telephone Skills

Help Desk Support

PC Repair

Networking / Storage Area Networks


Web Design

Quick Books


Accounts Payable / Receivable




Lotus 1-2-3



       * CRMJ 423, Sexual Violence

       * RHS 401, Community Mental Health Practice and Services

       * RHS 400, Case Management

       * RHS 300, Intro Rehab Services

       * HDFS 239, Adolescence Development

       * PSYCH 270, Intro Abnormal Psych

       * SOC 261, Intro Social Psychology

       * PSY 233, Child Psychology

       * EDU 203 Intro To Special Education

       * PSY 130, Human Sexuality

       * PSY 101, Psychology       

       * LMM1101, Leadership/Management I

       * LMM1102, Managerial Communications

       * COM 140, Contemporary Business Communication (AXIA)

       * COM 150, Effective Essay Writing (AXIA)

       * COM 220, Research Writing (AXIA)

       * CRT 205, Critical Thinking (AXIA)

       * GEN 105, Skills For Learning In An Info Age (AXIA) 

       * ETH 125, Cultural Diversity (AXIA)

       * AM 145, American Sign Language I

       * ART 101, Drawing I     

       * ART 100, Visual Foundations

       * ART 211, Ceramics I

       * ART 231, Painting I


While the inclusive resume emphasizes career and professional training.  Below, highlights personal character attributes.  Life experience and listed volunteer / community service, developed certain abilities, which harmonize into all aspects of life, including the work place.  Thus, allowing me to possess certain strengths.  Such as:

       * Broad-minded in meeting and dealing with people of differing backgrounds and behavioral patterns.

       * Can be persuasive in selling and influencing ideas.

       * Capable to lead, supervise, and instruct others.

       * Empathetic attitude towards the welfare of others.

       * Ability to reason soundly and think out practical solutions to problems.

       * Competent to make decisions and act quickly, particularly under stress.

       * Poise and self-confident, ability to remain calm during emergency situations.